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Beckys Ceramics Giftshop

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All Items on these pages are available in Bisque
If you need something in unfinished bisque,Please e-mail me and I will send you the price and the paypal button needed to purchase the item.

Welcome to my Online giftshop. Sit Back and Relax, and come on in and browse my website. I have a nice selection of gifts for everyone. Below are just a few samples of some of my work. Very reasonably priced.This website was done in honor of my niece who was killed tragically in an accident, Please take a moment to read my About me page.

Thank you for stopping by. On these pages, you will find a nice selection of items to choose from. I have lots of Angels,Native American Indians, some real cute items,also animals and Wildlife animals,and much more.All my pieces are poured by me using molds from Kimple,Doc Holiday,Sciota and alot more.I will be adding new items all the time, so please come back often.I Have Finished items available and also Bisque for those who like to paint there own pieces. **If you need an item in bisque from these pages, please email me with the name of which item you need, I will send you the price and the Paypal button for ordering the item.Please make sure you have a working email address.**

If you don't find what you want here, please contact me and let me know what it is you are looking for and I will be happy to try and locate the item for you, if I myself don't have it. I have alot of stuff that isn't on my website, I could never fit it all on these pages. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I carry a full line of bisque as well as finished items. Also paints, brushes,and sealers.**I DO NOT SELL THE MOLDS FOR ANY ITEMS ON THESE PAGES** only bisque and finished items.If you need to purchase molds you have to do that through a Distributor in your area, or contact the mold companies directly for details. If you need instructions on colors to apply, or the techniques that I use, Don't hestitate to contact me. I would be more then happy to help. I also teach classes in my area.I accept Paypal, as well as checks or money orders.

Please make your Checks or Money orders payable to Becky Wallace. Mail all payments to:
Becky Wallace
6934 Hwy 19 E
Roan Mountain,Tennessee 37687
Please allow me 10-14 days for delivery!It takes time to make these items.
All Returns must be sent back within 14 days from the day it is received for a full refund minus Shipping and Handling costs if not satisfied.

All Customers in the Western States Shipping included in my prices DOES NOT apply to those states,The cost to ship the farther west you are is much higher.So for you customers I will have to adjust the shipping cost please email me before placing your order so I can calculate the shipping for those customers and I can send you money request from my paypal for the corrected price to adjust for the higher rates to ship out west.Thank you :)

Angel with Trumpett

Wilderness Companions

Baby Fawns,Bear cubs,Wolf pups

Four season Angels

Happy Mushroom Trio

Native Mother and child

Brave Eagle Plaque

Rooster and Hen

Jesus with children,lion and lamb

I Want to say a very special Thank you to all the Mold Companies,Kimple(Now Creative Paradise)Doc Holiday,Gare,Clay Magic,Sciota just to name a few for all there hard work and creative ideas. Without them I couldn't do what I do. Keep up the Good Work. Your very appreciated.

Send mail to:Becky at (

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I have been forced to remove the easy click on link to my mailbox.
I'm sorry it had to come to this,
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Legitimate email senders I apologize, but something had to be done.

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