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All the items on this page are available in Bisque as well. Please email me if you need an item in unpainted bisque. I will send you the price and paypal button to purchase it.
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This is my Mystical Fantasy Page. On this page you will find things like, Dragons, wizards, Fairies, Unicorns, Nomes, and what ever else I can think of to put here. There are some realistic looking dragons and wizards here. Cute fairies and dragons as well.I hope you find something that you like on this page.

I Don't have a whole lot in this category yet. But that's okay, because what I don't have I will sure try to find for you.There are always new molds coming out. I have friends that carry these items , so I will be able to supply these pieces pictured on this page.

If there is something in particular that you want or need, Please email me and let me know what it is. I will see what I can do to find the item for you.Please keep checking back often, because I will be adding new items as I get them in. If you would like to be updated when new items are added, then please join my mailing list, so that I can send out a quick email to inform you when the pages are updated. I will also let you know when I am running sales offers and specials as well.

Please take a moment to sign my guestbook. I like to know who has visited my website, and return the visit if possible. Please visit some of the great links I have in my links page. Also alot more to see in my banner links and webrings pages as well. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, and come shopping with me. Thanks for visiting my website, and Please come back again real soon.

Grand Dragon
$64.95 Plus $16.50 S&H

The Grand Dragon 15"T

Dueling Dragon Standing
$42.95 Plus $14.50 S&H

Dueling Dragon Standing

Doc Holiday Fall Wizard
$32.95 plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Fall Wizard

Doc Holiday Fall Dragon
Lg is $49.95 Plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Fall Dragon

Smaller Size $26.95 Plus $11.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Spring Dragon
Lg sz $49.95 plus $13.50

DH Spring Dragon
Sm sz $26.95 plus $11.50 S&H

Dragon with Treasure
$52.95 plus $17.50 S&H

Dragon with Treasure 14"T

Cute Loveth Dragon
$12.95 plus $6.50 S&H

Loveth Dragon

Castle on Mountain
$34.95 plus $17.50 S&H

Castle on the mountain Approx 14"T

Double HeadedDragon
$89.95 Plus $17.50 S&H

Double Headed Dragon

Dueling Dragon Crouching
$42.95 Plus $15.50 S&H

Dueling Dragon Crouching

Doc Holiday Summer Wizard
$32.95 plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Summer Wizard

Doc Holiday Summer Dragon
Lg $49.95 plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Summer Dragon
Smaller sz $26.95 Plus $11.50 S&H

$79.95 plus $17.50 S&H

Dragon Warrior 16"T

Maiden with Unicorn
$39.95 plus $15.50 S&H

Maiden with Unicorn 12"T

Cute Pigeth Dragon
$12.95 plus $6.50 S&H

Piggeth Dragon

Fairy Riding on unicorn
$21.95 plus $11.50 S&H

Fairy Riding on Unicorn

Mother Dragon
$49.95 Plus $15.50 S&H

Dragon Mother

DH Winter Wizard
$32.95 plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Winter Wizard

Doc Holiday Winter Dragon
Large is $49.95 Plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Winter Dragon,
Smaller size $26.95 Plus $11.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Spring Wizard
$32.95 plus $13.50 S&H

Doc Holiday Spring Wizard

Dragon WarLord
$59.95 plus $17.50 S&H

Dragon WarLord 15"T

Maiden with Dragon
$34.95 plus $15.50 S&H

Maiden with Dragon 12"T

Cute Maddoth Dragon
$12.95 plus $6.50 S&H

Maddoth Dragon

Grim Reaper
$34.95 plus $15.50 S&H

Grim Reaper 12"T

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