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Hello and Welcome to the Customers Comments Page. This page is where you can read what other customers are saying.On this page I will place any and all comments that have been received from some of my customers.
I was a sponser for several different message boards, and I have donated prizes for contests being run in these boards, these comments are from all the people that received or purchased items from me. Please take a moment to read what others had to say about there shopping experience with Beckys Ceramics. Thank You

Angela Dec 9 2002 She is our newests sponsor! Her site is adorable to say the least! She has so many figurines from native indians, to frogs, to a HUGE Angels Collection, and so much more! Please stop by and tell Becky HI! Be sure to visit her for all your Christmas and Gift Giving Needs! Hugs DOLL

Mel Wednesday Dec 25th 2002 Hi everyone! Wanted to let you all know, I received the most beautiful Angel Statue that was hand painted by Becky herself. She does wonderful work and next time you get the chance you should order something from her. She does a great job! Thanks all! Hugs Mel P.S. It was a Christmas Gift. I collect angels and this one fit right into my collection. Thanks Becky!!

Sat Jan 11 2003 I received my snowmen that I won from the contest and they are so cute and adorable. She does wonderful work and I am very pleased with what I received. I just might have to start collecting snowmen now. Thank you Becky! Vytania

Fri Mar 28 2003 I forgot to post that I received my angel figurine. It's really nice. Another great piece of work! I'm still partial to the snowmen I got last time though. I think I like snowmen more than I thought I did. All of her work is good though. Thanks again Sandy

Fri April 4 2003 From Sandy
Becky, you are truely talented! You do beautiful work!

From Sandy Mon Apr 14 2003 I received my Lucky Bear from Becky today! He is soooo cute! I LOVE him! Not only is Becky very talented, she's a wonderful person, and I am so very glad to have met her. She's a sweetheart! Thank you so much Becky! I will always cherish my Lucky Bear! Hugs, Sandy

Brookie May 22 2003 Re: Becky's Ceramics I recieved a blue jay I won, and it is really beautiful. Becky you do great work, It is so awsesome.... Thankyou!!!!!!!!!

Sandy June2 2003 Becky, I received your adorable elephant today and he is soooo CUTE! Becky...dressing him up the way you did is adorable! I call him 'my little guy' Everyone here thinks he is just so cute! And my husband said you do very beautiful work! I agree completely! He's going right next to my Cheer Bear and I will treasure him always! Thank you Becky so much! You are an angel! (((hugs))) Sandy

Sandy june 26 2003 Re: Becky's ceramics I have to share with everyone here that a couple of weeks ago I received a stackable teddy bear tree (and you all know how I LOVE teddy bears!) from Becky from a contest I won on another site. It is ADORABLE! Becky just keeps making me smile and amazing me with each of her pieces she does. I sit here and look at the workmanship and love she has put into these beautiful works of art, and it just makes me smile (like a good hug) Now she has FROGS too!! If you love frogs, you gotta see her new selection! They are precious! Thank you Becky, your a sweetheart! (and I love my babies I have received from you.

Kandra July 12 2003 Re: Becky's ceramics I won on Dsbaby board.(the freebie pen) Becky sent me two cute frogs. These frogs had so many details, it was so great!!! I just love Becky's work. She really does nice work. If you have not been to her site please go to her site and take a look at some of her work..You will be suprised, and you will want to buy something!! her prices on her great work is very reasonable. I just love my two frogs. Thanks so much Becky!! Have a great day!!!

Brenda Jul 16 2003 Re: Becky's ceramics Becky, I received my kittens in the mail and they are adoreable. You are a very talented person. They were awesome. Keep up the great work.

Friday July 25.2003 I wanted to let everyone know that if you need anything ceramic, this is the place to go! I know it has taken me a while to post this lol, should have been posted last month lol. I ordered a ceramic eagle statue for my dad for Fathers day and I ordered them late, like the Friday before fathers day and paid for them that day. I already knew it was going to be late. My dad got it on the Wednesday following fathers day, as Becky promised. He absolutely loved it! I am sorry it took so long to get this posted. But if you ever need ceramics, go to Becky. She is great!! Thanks Becky, I will be back to shop on your site again!Hugs Mel

From Candy Thu Jul 24 2003 I got my prize from Becky's Ceramics Oh guys, these are the cutest things I've ever seen. It's a pair of squirrels and they are so well done. Becky thank you so much and you do beautiful work. PS. I also got something from another board from her and it had a little kitty thats also adorable. I'm amazed at the detail she puts into her work.

Re: Winner of Contest August 7th, 2003 I just got my puppies !!! They are so adorable, and I got 2 other prizes from Becky. The beautiful seals for 2nd place in the Christmas in July contest and a gorgeous kitty with pretty blue eyes for the voting contest at Fantasy. Becky thank you sooo much. These are so pretty and the detail is just amazing. I have a whole collection of Becky's ceramics! Big Huge Hugs, Candy

Sept 3,2003 Hi Becky, I received the bank today. I am speechless. Totally speechless. You did an absolutely beautiful job. I can not ever thank you enough. My boyfriend (who usually is very quiet..LOL) looked at the pictures and then at the bank and said "Oh my God that is awesome". I am so very grateful. As soon as I opened it I said "oh I can't wait till Christmas to send this". My boyfriend said "Oh like you were going to anyways". He knows me!!! LOL Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate everything you did for me. You went out of your way to help and it is a wonderful feeling to know there are angels out there. Thanks again and again. Lynn

Jan 3,2004. I placed a quite large order with Becky for several angels on wingstands and I recieved them in what I considered to be Record Time. They were absolutely gorgeous and they made it in one piece no chips or breaks or anything. Thank you so much Becky I will definitely be back for many more items from your site. Sincerely Cathrine

March 21,2004 Hello Becky, Just wanted to say I got my order today and it is just beautifull your work is like none I have seen before, the detailing in my angel is fabulous. Thank you so much for the great service and fast delivery. Thanks Siam

May 2 2004
Hello Becky, I recieved my order today for the totems, they are absolutely wonderful. Th eye look like they are following you around the room, I am very pleased with my items and the pictures did not fo them justice at all. Thanks so much my brother will love these. Bonnie

July 11 2004
Hi Becky it's Sheryl, I got my fountain today it was gorgeous, I cannot believe the detailing and the colors are wonderful. My sister is gonna freak when she see's this, I will definitely be back for more items. Your prices are very good to I priced items like thsi around my area and they were double what you charge. Thank you so much. your the best. Sheryl


Thankyou Becky for all your help. I love my angel and I appreciate you finding that particular item for me.I knew it was gonna be tuff since the mold was discontinued but you found it. Not many people would be so willing to help like that,Thanks so much,Tina

Nov 11,2006

Hi Becky, Sheryl here,thanks so much the native pieces were beautiful.Alot of detailing went into those.I love them all.

Nov 28,2006

OH MY GOSH BECKY,you do beautiful work,I am soooo impressed with my order,the bears were wonderful and putting the birth info was such a great idea,this is something that my grandkids will cherish for many years. You are the best thanks so much. Bonnie

Jan 11,2007

I receievd my Jesus knocking founting and it was absolutely beautiful thank you so much. Sarah

August 5,2009

Becky you do amazing work, I love all my peices I got from you,Thank you so very much for everything.Bev

August 13,2010

Becky the Native Indian ceramics were awesome my son loved them,Thank you so very much for everything.Tricia

January 5,2010

Becky you do beautiful work, I bought 3 Dragons for my son and 2 nephews and they were amazed and so thrilled with there Christmas gifts from me,Thank you so very much for everything.Joann

May 15,2011

Becky you do beautiful work, I bought 3 Angels and Fountain from you and they are just beautiful and your directions on how to work the fountain so easy to use.Thank you so much, Becca

Sept 14,2011

Becky you do beautiful work, I bought the 2 native Totems from you and they are gorgeous Thank you so much they arrived superfast and were just perfect Keep up the beautiful work,Thanks Candy

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